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Some people want it to happen,

some wish it would happen,

others make it happen.


- Michael Jordan -



20 minutes. What's that compared to what you could gain. I know it myself that sometimes you aren't motivated, but especially then such a short workout with your own body weight is just great. You don't have to go out, you don't have to set up equipment, you can start right away. And you can do it anywhere. In the hotel, in the living room, in the hallway, outside in the park or simply everywhere where you have 2x2 meters (6,5x6,5 feet) of space. It will boost your metabolism perfectly and activate all the muscles in your body. It is suitable for fat burning and muscle building, for young and old, male or female.





The setup of the workout:


It is suitable for complete beginners and also for full professionals. The intensity is determined by yourself. The normal workout consists of 6 exercises, which you do for 1 minute without a break. Afterwards you go directly to the next exercise and do that for another minute. Set yourself a timer. When you have completed all 6 exercises, you have completed one set and then you start again from the beginning. You do this 3 times in total, so you have 18 minutes of training time. And before that, we warm up for 2 minutes, which adds up to exactly 20 minutes.


If you are now wondering where the rest times are, this is simply explained. As already mentioned, you choose the intensity. This means that you decide when and how long you take a break, but there is one rule: no rest during an exercise. Take a break between exercises or before you set the timer for the next exercise. My recommendation is to only take breaks when it is really necessary, i.e. when you feel uncomfortable or extremely exhausted. Ergo, you should NOT overstrain yourself, because this will miss the goal, but you shouldn't reduce the Training Effect by taking too many breaks either.


As always: Safety first! Pay attention to a clean performance to avoid injuries. Even if, for example, you have done push-ups a 100 times, this doesn't mean that you do them 100% correctly. So take a close look at the attached videos of the exercises and forget false pride. Even if you are still extremely unathletic, there is a light version of each exercise. Don't stress yourself if you can't perform an exercise well, this will come with time. With continuity you will improve.



You will get the best results if you do this workout at least 2-3 times a week and leave 1 day off between workouts. Optimal would be e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then you will have the weekend off and you have trained everything 3 times a week.




Additional workout for advanced users:

If the training is too "soft" for you, I have added some more exercises, which increase the training performance. Also a 4th or 5th set will increase the intensity immensely without the workout taking too long (about 30-40 minutes). However, some exercises such as pull-ups/jumping-squats are not easy to do for everyone. Listen to your body and master the basic exercises first.


As possible equipment I recommend a pull-up bar, a (yoga)-mat and a Thera/stretch-band. But these are only necessary for additional exercises. They are not needed for the normal workout.



Have fun and enjoy your workout! 







That's the good thing about this workout. You don't really need any preparation. That's what makes it so flexible and easy to integrate into your everyday life. You only need some space. In addition 2x2 meters (6,5x6,5 ft.) are enough. A yoga mat is recommended as a base. Comfortable and flexible clothes are also important. If you need a little more atmosphere, now is the right time to put on your favorite music.


A timer e.g. the Smartphone with which you can set 60 seconds is mandatory, unless you want to look at the clock.




Before you start, watch the videos for each exercise carefully. A correct execution decides whether an exercise can be beneficial to health or even harmful. Take it slowly and learn the individual exercises first, before you dare to do the whole training. Performing in front of a mirror can be very helpful.




Warm Up - 2 Minutes

  • 1 Minute: Loosen all joints. Rotate your neck, shoulders, arms, hips, knees. Stretch the whole body.
  • 1 Minute: Squats without weights. These get the circulation going. 

As always, make sure it's a clean execution. I.e. make the squats so that they are strenuous and drive your pulse up, but also not too fast so that you make them unclean.


Advanced: Do jump-squats.  This means you perform a squat and when you come up, you jump off with both feet and put your arms up.


Workout - 18 Minutes


  • Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds.
  • After the following 6 exercises you have completed one set
  • Execute at least 3 sets.
  • Advanced: 4-5 sets plus 1-2 additional exercises


Exercise 1: Push-ups


Push-ups involve the entire chest, the front shoulder and the triceps. 


Light version: If you can do no or only a few push-ups, then get down on your knees. If you have done a few but can't last 1 minute, do as many as you can and don't get down on your knees until you can't do any more repetitions in the stretched version.


Exercise 2: Superman exercise


The back extension, also called the Superman exercise, trains the entire back as well as the butt. It is important to lift the legs and the arms. Better controlled than with too much momentum. 


Exercise 3: Plank


The Plank is a good back exercise that trains the whole body and the abs. The execution is extremely important, otherwise it can lead to posture problems. Keep your back straight and retract your belly. It is similar to the push-up position, except that you lie on your forearms. The Plank is a static exercise, which means that you"only" have to hold this position for 1 minute.


 Advanced: As shown in the video, you can also do the Plank as a Plank Trench Crawl, where you move back and forth with your forearms.



Exercise 4: Frog Pump


Wonderful exercise for the core of the body, glutes and hamstrings. The exercise can be performed completely without weight and does not lose its effectiveness. Tip: Try to keep the upper body rigid and avoid a too large hollow back. The bottom is raised and you only lie on the contracted shoulder blades.


Advanced: As already shown in the video, you can put any wanted weight on the hips.



Exercise 5: Lunge


Lunges not only train the front of the thighs, but also stretch the back at the same time. If you don't have enough room to walk around the apartment with lunges, do them on the spot. To do this, you first walk with one leg, then with the other, each time forward and then back to the starting position.


Alternative: As shown in the video, you can also alternatively execute the lateral lunges.


Advanced: Use weights for the lunges. For example 2 dumbbells. It is important that you let your shoulders loose and do not pull the weight with your arms. The work is done by the legs alone.


Exercise 6: Double-Crunch


This exercise not only looks exhausting, it is exhausting. The good thing about it, is that you completely train all upper and lower abdominal muscles with it. Because you have your legs and arms in the air, it is also a great balance exercise.


Light version: You leave your legs on the ground and only do crunches or sit-ups with your upper body.


Additional exercises

Here are another 4 exercises, which I consider useful. You are welcome to include them all in your training if you feel fit enough.


For each additional exercise you have to add 1 minute per set. That means with 3 rounds your workout would take 3 minutes longer per extra exercise.

Advanced: Leave out the breaks and go from exercise to exercise until you are done with all your sets. You can also do 1-2 additional sets. Train every 2nd day for an optimal Training Effect. As a beginner 2-3 times a week is more than enough.





Lateral leg raises


If you want to have even more activation in your legs and hips, lateral leg raises are perfect. You can do them from the sofa, bed or on the floor.


Advanced: Put a stretch band around your ankles, so that when you lift your leg you have to fight against the resistance of the band.


Rowing with Theraband


To train your back muscles extensively, rowing is a fantastic exercise. It can be done as shown here with a theraband or bent over with 2 dumbbells. 




As one of the best back exercises ever, it trains your entire back, especially the latissimus and biceps. The complication is that you either don't have a pull-up bar at home or you are too weak to do pull-ups at all. 


If you are too weak, it helps to jump on the bar and slowly let yourself down. Hold as long as you can or lower yourself as slowly as possible. This is also a possibility if you can't do any more pull-ups on your own after a few repetitions.  


But the most important thing with pull-ups is the execution. Therefore study this video carefully and make sure not to swing.


Reverse Pushup


If you want to further exercise your chest and especially your shoulder, try these reverse pushups. They look easy, but the chest muscles and shoulders contract extensively. This exercise in combination with push-ups complement each other perfectly.


Final words



If you are still a beginner, then the workout is just right for you. If you are a bit fitter or even a real fitness professional, then this workout is still the right one for you. As often mentioned, you determine the intensity. For example, if you add pull-ups or do a few exercises with dumbbells, you will see how much more strain is put on your body.


The recommendation is to do this workout 3 times a week with one day off in between. But if you still have sore or aching muscles, another day off makes sense. The workout is a wonderful total body workout with which you use all your muscles. Especially with weights you will cause a muscle growth, in addition to the general endurance and fitness training. Eat fruit or complex carbohydrates before the workout and drink enough so that you have enough energy. If you get dizzy, take a short break. This means that you have exhausted yourself and your body is simply not used to the effort. 


You just have to listen to your body and always push yourself to the limit, but don't exceed it. 20 minutes is more than manageable and should be executable for everyone without problems. Even if you normally go to the gym, this workout is a perfect alternative if you want to train at home. And if, over time, you find the exercises too boring or not very diversified, you are welcome to choose an alternative. E.g. Kettlebell-Swings instead of the Superman-exercise or Squats instead of the lunges and so on.






I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, why don't you share it so that others like you can benefit from it? I wish YOU the best.




- LdR - 


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