Where's the best place to live?

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Where's the best place to live? That's a good question. According to the human development index for quality of life, Norway ranks first, closely followed by Switzerland. Ireland and Germany are in 3rd and 4th place. 


This index includes several things such as labour market, transport connections, particulate matter, social benefits, education, etc. 


Although it's dark for a long time and quite cold in Norway, the quality of life seems to be very high. So should we all move to Norway now?  


Not everyone leaves voluntarily. Many flee their countries because of poverty, war or other circumstances. Whether all the "refugees" will then be welcomed fairly and warmly is another story. You only have to watch the news. 


But we are lucky that we could change the country we live in quite easily, at least in Europe. Except for a language barrier, if there is one at all, it would be possible without further difficulty. But do we want that?


People are afraid of the unknown: meeting new people, unknown surroundings, everything new and many questions about whether they will get along there. Here I can only spur you on to try it out.


Try? Hello, something like this is not an easy decision. In fact, it's not. But if you want it, you can do it even with a steady family including a house, children and a Labrador. You just have to really want it. But why?, one or the other will surely ask himself. To gain new impressions, to get to know new people, to make life more colorful again, to learn a new language and to make a change of scenery.


If you're unhappy with your surroundings, change them. Sometimes it is enough to meet new people or to break up/reduce contact with negative ones. A new job can also help. But maybe you just want to get out of everything. Fleeing is not the right solution. You have to face your problems. But maybe you are just sick and tired of the same lame city..... Remember that:



Birds are free and can fly anywhere they want. But so can we humans.



If not forever, then only for a certain period of time. Half a year in Oslo (maybe not in winter) is certainly a nice experience. Most people don't travel. They spend 2 or 3 weeks on holiday, which is usually clocked through. This is also okay, if you like it, but real "travelling" is not given here. You need time to immerse yourself in a foreign culture. Even if it's only the neighboring country.


Give yourself a break or a sabbatical. Save up for it. If you want it, then it's possible, even with unfavorable conditions. You will regret more what you have NOT done than the things you have done.



Let me know in the Facebook-Group, what you wanna do or where you want to live. Or did you already change your country? What are the experiences you made?



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