A growing number of resistant germs are produced by antibiotics in circulation

Antibiotics health resistant bacteria

More and more antibiotics are being prescribed and sold. Especially in financially weaker countries. This says at least a new study of the US research center CDDEP (Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy).


It is becoming increasingly common for doctors to prescribe antibiotics too quickly, especially for diseases whose progress could be treated without them. 


Of course, there are diseases that should definitely be treated with antibiotics. Insisting that you can do it with tea and balm can often make the difference between life and death.


But there are 2 important problems with the increased use of antibiotics:


1. Although antibiotics help against bacteria, they also destroy the human intestinal flora, which consists of (good) bacteria. The intestine contains the largest part of our immune system. The healthier our digestion, the healthier we are. There are other side effects associated with antibiotics, such as asthma, immunodeficiency and general lung damage.


2. The more antibiotics there are in circulation, the more likely it is that bacteria will become immune to them. Most bacteria die from antibiotics, but sometimes they survive and become resistant. The likelihood of dying from antibiotic immune bacteria in the future increases dramatically. If antibiotics no longer help, what then? At least there are some researches to solve this problem.






I never said no antibiotics at all. The discovery of penicillin was a milestone in medical history. People used to die of tonsillitis, but today it's the most normal thing in the world and can be treated without any difficulty.


The point is, to regulate yourself how often you take antibiotics and only take'em, when everything else is no longer helping. We destroy our bodies with them and breed "killer bacteria", which cannot be stopped at the moment. One should simply not act recklessly, as with everything when it comes to health. Just because a doctor says so, doesn't always mean he's right. Ask for more opinions.



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