Quick Guide: How to change your habits in 100 days

Habits change 100 days decision compass

"By nature men are almost the same, 

it's the habits that separate them from each other."


- Confucius -



Habits define our whole life. It is therefore advisable to get used to more good things over time and to discard negative ones. There is a very simple rule how to learn new things or how to get rid of others.


It takes a 100 days to learn a new habit or break an old habit.


There are some scientific studies and psychological methods that go much deeper into this matter. But I just want to spare you that. If you still want to know more, google "change your habits". The flood of information will overwhelm you. There are 7 days, 21 days, 30 days and many more programs. I'll tell you what I think about them.


In the end I made the experience myself that it takes about 100 days or at least 3 months to change a habit. Our subconscious mind needs this time to become used to a habit. But also to get rid of a bad one.


No matter if it's something new, like a change of diet or something old, like smoking, that you want to get rid of. The whole "new habits in 7 days" don't help at all in my opinion. As long as it is not anchored in your subconsciousness, sooner or later you will return to the old habit.


If you always drive a gear shift, you will look for the clutch at the beginning when you drive the first time an automatic car. It just takes a while until you don't have to think about it actively anymore. Like brushing your teeth. You just do it before you leave the house or go to bed. You're already standing in the bathroom with the brush in your hand without really thinking about it. And you've only managed to do this because you've been practicing it for a long, long time.




What to keep in mind?


So if you want to learn a new habit or unlearn an old one, stick with it for at least a 100 days. Mark each day in your calendar. Keep going and don't quit. Even if it gets easier after 2 weeks. Be sure to keep it going for at least a 100 days. Then you will be guaranteed successful.


Emotions control our lives and habits involve a lot of emotions. Therefore it is advised to plant appropriate pictures in your consciousness. Proceed like this:


+ Adopt a new habit: Think of something positive every day or every time you do this new thing (habit). Imagine it figuratively. For example, how much this new ability will make you happy and improve your life.


- Break an old habit: It's the other way around when you unlearn something. Always associate this habit with something negative. For example, that a cigarette is the most disgusting taste ever to be tasted. Imagine exactly how gross it would be to smoke one.





Hang in there for about 3 months, i.e. 100 days. When this period is over, you will automatically keep the new habit or loose an old one. It is important to repeat this process after some time, because we may become recidivous. Best one time every year. Plan to exercise, eat healthier, read more or whatever you want to change. Do that for 100 days and you will see success. Keep this in mind: The only way to change your life into a positive one is by changing your current habits.



I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, then share it, so others like you can also benefit from it. I wish YOU the best.


This was the first step of your journey.

You have to keep going, if you want to improve your whole life. 

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