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„Not what I have,

but what I do, is my kingdom.“


 -  Thomas Carlyle -



A creator? That sounds quite ambitious. But yes, that's the point. No, of course I cannot teach you how to create heaven and earth or sun and stars. This is not in our human power or optimistically said: at least not yet. But there is still something divine in each of us. We all have the ability to create things out of nothing. I want to show you how you can make better use of this talent and what you can create with it. 




Why should exactly I be a creator?!


This is actually explained very easily. And it has nothing to do with faith, religion or esotericism, but only with the ability to create things. According to mythology and faith, only the gods, of whatever origin, had the ability to create. Humans, flora and fauna, the world as we know it and everything we do not (yet) know, are examples of this. We humans also have this kind of power. Of course only in a much smaller way, because we are not omnipotent or gods. But one thing is sure:


We humans can create things from nothing.


You don't believe me? Then here is an example. Physically explained we move things with our energy and can build things with it. With our thoughts we can also invent what is not yet existent and write it down with our hands. Concrete examples are: Simply everything. Everything that was built by human hands was created out of nothing. Out of the pure nature and the power of our thoughts we have created houses, cities, controllable fire, books, poetry, philosophy, sciences, music, stories, technology and so on and so forth.


Whether you believe in Jesus or God or not, there are many verses in the Bible which do not need to be understood in a religious way, but purely on a spiritual level. In the New Testament you can find a very interesting approach in the Gospel of Luke:


The kingdom of God will not come with observable signs.

Nor will people say, ‘Look, here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’ 

For you see, the kingdom of God is in your midst.” 



The kingdom of God is in our midst? At least that's what the Bible says. This can now be interpreted in many ways. But I, for my part, see it as if we carry within ourselves a part of the divine power, a kind of creative spirit. And this power is shown by the fact that we humans are able to create things and also to destroy them. As simple as it may sound, if you write any sentence on a piece of paper, you have created something that did not exist before in exact that way. If it's of great use to you or others is another question. I bet it isn't.


But you can create from nothing. And if you burn the note, then you have destroyed your creation again. But we are not talking about destroying things here. Rather invent something new and make the world a better place. Nowadays you can learn so many things that were impossible for previous generations. Especially when there is so much help and assistance, like the Internet or books that can teach you new things.  (Remember, especially regarding the Internet, not everything you read/see is true)





Find your creativity


Creativity is in every one of us. More precisely, in our right hemisphere. It is responsible for creativity and feelings. The other hemisphere is analytically predisposed. The thinking ability of every brain hemisphere is distributed differently for everyone. Some people are better at mathematics and others paint better, is a typical cliché. Whether you are the best artist or not. Even you are creative! Surely you have always had dreams of selling pictures or playing an instrument, becoming a great dancer or writing a book.


Maybe it wasn't such a big thing, maybe you just liked inventing bedtime stories for your kids or building a piece of furniture yourself. Such things are all in our creative minds. People had to be creative, even for evolutionary reasons. Only with intelligence and our inventive spirit we were able to survive winter without fur and hunt animals without claws and fangs.


It's in our nature to invent things. So also in yours. And I bet also you have had or still have such dreams. To create something makes you proud of yourself. It feels good to have created an actual value for someone. Maybe you can make a living from it. Creating things yourself will make you happy.


According to a study, many workers achieved much better results if they could choose their own projects. In doing so, they took more responsibility for things they liked or were interested in. In many large corporations such as Google, employees can use part of their working time to pursue projects of their own choice.


It's probably the same with all of us. When you do something you want for yourself, it doesn't seem like work. I have a friend who likes to create little comic-animation videos. He does it rather for fun, although he sits at 2-3 minute videos for about 20-30 hours. He does this completely in his spare time. And for him it is by no means "work". It's a pleasure that can sometimes be exhausting, like sports for example. Basketball is fun, because it is a game, but at the same time it is also physically exhausting. So why don't you find something and start creating.


This article goes hand in hand with the post Your goals. Read this article so you know why you should have goals and pursue them. Creating something can e.g. be your goal.





What's always keeping you back


Fear! Every happy life fails because of fear. We all have far too many "Limiting Beliefs".  You block yourself and your creativity. But creativity is not only good to promote your hobby as the clay pottery, but helps you also in life situations to act smart and creative. Instead of standing in front of the closed door like others, you should look for the key. Everyone has an inner voice that wants to prevent you from doing the things you want. And this voice castrates your creative mind.


For an example: You never missed a CSI episode. That's why you always wanted to write a short crime-story. Or maybe a real thriller, with great characters, a love story and an absolutely diabolical psycho killer. But you didn't just let that wish lie around, NO you put it in a box, nailed it up and threw it into the sea. But why? I tell you why or tell you WHO hindered you.


It was your inner voice and it said such words as: "Don't be silly, you're a baker's assistant and not a writer; What would my friends or family say if I wrote such a piece of trash together; What if I don't know what to do and the story becomes banal and stupid; What if I have a writer's block; What if nobody wants to read it; What if... What if..."?


With this simple example it is possible to deduce something that happens in thousands and thousands of heads every day. I had such thoughts myself at the beginning when I started to write. Now I don't care anymore, I want to help other people and I enjoy writing. Even if only I would read my contributions, I would at least have helped myself. But it's not always easy to deal with this voice. Again and again you have to fight with such situations or with yourself. You are the one blocking yourself.


If you start to ignore that voice or whenever it says something negative, you encourage yourself: "Screw that! I'll do it anyway." Then you are on your way to a happier life. Grow and try out, build, paint, write, think FREE from guilt. Everything the voice tells you, are just lies. Even if it doesn't become a bestseller, you'll be happy to have written your book. Best read the article: Acceptance. It explicitly tells you, how to deal with this inner voice. 





How do I improve my creativity?


Creativity is based on the Latin words "creare" (create, invent, build, craft) and "crescere" (grow, increase). Here we have already explained everything in this word. I interpret it as following:


Invent or create something, and you'll grow on it.


Okay, let's say you ignore your inner voice and other people's chatter. You want to go your own way and use your creativity. Every person should create something, grow on it and increase his abilities. New abilities will bring fresh winds into your sails. Here is a checklist to help you improve your creativity.


  • Throw negative thoughts overboard. Do not listen to your inner negative voice, but to the voice of your desires.  Creativity and inventiveness rest in the right hemisphere of the brain, which is also responsible for feelings. Let them guide you and overcome blockades. Just don't let blockages hinder you.
  • Make a plan for yourself about what you want to invent or create. For a lot of things you need materials, tools or specific know-how. Don't throw in the towel, keep on going and fulfill your dream to record an album or anything you want. You will listen to it happily when you are old or even have success with it.
  • Free your head from annoying thoughts. There are 2 good methods to clear your head and improve your creative side:
  1. Meditate: Just sit cross-legged without leaning somewhere, close your eyes, stay calm for a few minutes and just let your thoughts circulate. Try to concentrate on your breathing. It's best to notice how the air flows in and out at the tip of your nose. When thoughts, whether negative or positive, buzz around, just let them. Just keep trying to return to your breathing. This way you increase your concentration and your thoughts have time and space to be thought over until the end, so they don't have to bother you during your day.
  2. Write morning pages: What are morning pages? Quite simple. In the morning, preferably right after getting up, take a blank sheet of paper, at least A4, and write down everything you can think of at that moment. There are no restrictions. Let your intuition run free. Get rid of all your worries, describe your wildest desires and dreams, sexual fantasies, whatever. Just write it down. There is no right or wrong. Just write at least one page completely full every day. But what for? Many authors, writers and artists use exactly this method. Tim Ferris, allegedly also Mark Twain and creative trainer Julia Cameron use and recommend it. It's a way to clear your head and unload your thoughts. To make room for your creativity.
  • Use daydreams as a source of inspiration. A thought may seem ridiculous, but here you have the negative voice and self-blocking again. If you enjoy an idea, it's ok. Take a few quiet minutes and imagine everything. That brings us to the last step.
  • Take walks alone and picture everything completely and in detail. Think your thoughts to the end. How beautiful it would be to be an actor, writer, singer, composer etc. Then use these walks to imagine everything and to create your wishes and dreams with the power of your thoughts. If you have that, you can put some things into action and pursue them. These creative walks encourage your artistic inventiveness and your imagination. Remember, when you were a child, how much you could create with this imagination. You are neither a weirdo nor a daydreamer. Just take time for yourself and embrace the thoughts and intentions that you like most.





Dreams and fantasies are something wonderful, which unfortunately receive far too little attention in adulthood. As children we were so happy with so little. The rest was done by our imagination. And exactly with this fantasy you strengthen your creativity. With creativity you can again invent and create things or learn something new. You can approach things differently and have a lot of fun with them. No matter if you want to create something that helps other people or just yourself.


You'll be glad you did it. There's probably nothing worse than regretting something because you supposedly missed the chance. But you didn't miss a chance, because it's not too late yet. No matter whether you want to learn to play an instrument at the age of 80 or 20, write a book or found a society to protect hedgehogs. Live your dreams, because there is a creator in you, too. Be aware of this. You can create what is useful for you and others. You are a creator. Good luck to use this talent to its full potential.





I hope the article was helpful to you. If so, then share it, so others like you can also benefit from it. I wish YOU the best.



- LdR - 

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