Equality?! A call to friendship!

Equality Gleichheit Anerkennung Freunde Love


Many are pissed off at how situations are developing in the world. First the Syrian- now the Iranian crisis and the poor politics connected with it. Refugees, protests, racism, maybe World War 3 (let's hope not), in between a Donald Trump tweet...


This is an appeal for people to stand up for other people. Just because you don't like a certain food doesn't mean that it's bad itself. Many people should take this approach directly to the bin. Whether tall, small, rich, poor, homosexual, blue-blooded, green-, red- or yellow-skinned is irrelevant in every way. As long as nothing is done to you personally, it is pointless to look for a martyr.


But unfortunately, that is not how we humans are. Someone must always be blamed. The worst thing on top is the hatred that comes with it. One should renounce hate. Even Yoda said, "Hate leads to the dark side of the Force."  This is no joke here, because hate can actually do that. It blinds and disguises facts. This distorts your perception and you only see a false truth from the point of view of hatred.


I understand that everybody has the right to have his own opinion, but I would like to remind you of the humanity and friendship. Reaching out a hand instead of hitting another one.


You will live happier and more fulfilled lives if you do things for other people. Giving can really bring more joy than taking. And this is not just a stupid phrase. It really is true. The people who will read this article are the ones who certainly carry much goodness and humanity in themselves. Those whom I criticize here and who should change their views or at least reconsider them, do not care about such topics like equality or kindness. 


Maybe then WE should just give more. Just protesting and telling others that their methods are inhumane or even malicious makes little sense. Fighting fire with fire is rarely the most intelligent solution. You cannot so easily change another person's firm opinion. So you should not put your energy into fighting the fire, but into helping others who need it. Some don't want to be a minority at all, they just want to be recognized. And even if it is only respect and recognition that you give to others (cause everybody deserves respect somewhere), you can support them in this way.


Recognition, kindness and compassion create better cooperation and more humanity. We should all acquire this more. The WE wins!


- LdR -

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