Why you aren't losing weight permanently with Keto-/Paleo-/Low-Carb diets

Keto Paleo Low carb diet

To know what you know, and to know

what you don't know, that is knowledge.


- Confucius -




You have probably tried out one or two diets, but none really worked. Or maybe they even helped you, but in the long run it was no permanent solution. That is why I'd like to take this opportunity to show you why it didn't work. The mistake in the equation is not that a certain diet didn't suit you, but that this wasn't the problem at all.






There is no Holy Grail


I am sorry to disappoint you, if you thought that there is a perfect form of nutrition with which you can reach your dream body completely without sacrifice and with ease. Well there is, because on the other hand, a change in diet doesn't have to be a constant battle with the evil Lord Candy-Bar.


Therefore, you have to look carefully what kind of diet is right for you, but unfortunately there is none to achieve above average results. I know that the fitness industry and many magazines and articles always talk about the best diet, but that's not the problem.


So are all diets pointless? Of course not, and maybe even one type has a little more advantages than the other, but don't expect miracles from them! They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but they are all for a specific purpose.




  • Maybe you just want to eat cleaner and healthier, then the Paleo-Diet comes in handy.
  • If you are a bodybuilder in a cutting phase and want to burn fat without losing muscles, then a low-carb diet is definitely reasonable, provided you do everything right. 


It can quickly go all wrong, like the well-known yoyo-effect. If you are simply tempted to go on a diet or nutritional form and have too little knowledge about it, you shouldn't really do it just because your colleague has said that the "only boiled eggs" is the best diet of all. You should find out what exactly this diet is and what it does to your body.



Is that too complicated or complex?


Then there is a much simpler solution, without requiring the knowledge of a nutritionist. The problem are not the carbohydrates or fats. The problem is not the ketogen-, paleo-, high-/low-carb-diet but a very simple principle.








Why you don't need a special diet to lose weight


The following principle is extremely simple:



Do more and eat less / healthier!



You're not surprised? I'm sure you're not. Why difficult and complicated when it can work so easily. And it does! The body gets used to small changes perfectly. So if you start to become a little more active and improve your diet a little, you will automatically see success. It is simply not necessary to count all the calories and run after a new, trendy diet.


Unfortunately, from any diet you follow strictly, the results will not necessarily be greater than following this simple principle. Don't let yourself be fooled. You only have to follow the simple principle over a longer period of time and you will be amazed at the results. Without any magic pills!



By "do more," I mean:

  • Stairs instead of elevator,
  • take a walk every day,
  • Integrate a physical activity into your life 2-3 times a week,
  • a little extra exercise day after day.


"Eat less / healthier" means, for example:

  • Just skip the industrial sugar. Switch to low-sugar products or cook your own food. This doesn't mean that all you have to eat now is broccoli, just that you reduce the chocolate.
  • If you feel like eating something sweet, eat fresh fruit instead.
  • Reduce juice or soft drinks and drink tea or coffee.
  • Do not eat heavy food in the evening.
  • Start with interval fasting.


For example, if you have eaten too much during a holiday and gained 2 kilos (4 lbs), you come back home and eat normally again and after a few weeks the weight usually disappears again by itself. It is all about integrating a change in the long run and your body will adapt. So be an active person and "only" try to live a healthier life.


Even the tiniest change is a huge improvement in the long run. 

Read more about this in the article: 10 simple ways to improve your health immediately


You will only be able to be permanently lean, if you acquire new eating habits. Instead of the bread with Nutella in the morning, eating a porridge with fruit will not make you fit and lean from one day to the next. But if you practice such habits over weeks, months or a lifetime, you will always start the day healthy and be able to control your calories better. 


Don't go on radical diets or starve yourself to the bones. Don't drive yourself crazy. It's all unnecessary if you go back to old habits again. Most people who have lost weight, be it Hollywood actors, athletes or the neighbor from the 3rd floor. All of them have paid a little more attention to their diet and have been exercising. And this over a longer period of time. The longer you do everything right, the better results you will get. You also don't have to give up your beloved chocolate chip cookies, just reduce unhealthy things and increase healthy ones.

Of course it depends on what your goals are. If you want to have 8% body fat, then you will of course need a specially adapted diet and/or workout program. But if that's not your goal, you can become lean and really athletic, if you simply become more active and replace unhealthy foods with healthier ones or even skip them completely. Think long-term!








Change your eating habits


The problem about a diet is that it usually has a beginning and an end and when this period is over the old eating habits return and we just do what we did before: Eat uncontrolled. That is the sticking point right there!


I had customers who wanted to lose weight and I always ask them what they ate during the day, after they were frustrated after weeks and made no progress with the simple principle. They had been on crash diets and more, but nothing was working. They started to exercise, but this also brought only slow progress.


They answered: "All I had today was a salad and some pasta. I don't understand why I'm not losing any fat?!" That's not enough protein for the body, but it should be appropriate to lose weight. So I suggested writing a nutrition journal. Write down every day exactly what you ate and the time. Also soft drinks and alcoholic beverages.



An example:

  •  8:30 am - 1 egg, 2 buns, jam, butter
  • 10:00 am - coffee with milk and sugar, banana muffin
  • 12:30 pm - Lunch - salad with tuna + 1 bottle of sprite
  • 01:20 pm - 1 banana
  • etc.



The result was clear to me from the start, but I wanted that the person sees it for him-/herself and develops an awareness for the food they eat. You don't have to count the calories to see immediately where the mistake is. They ate only pasta and salad as main meals, but a tiny little piece of cake here, lots of coffee with sugar, a Coke there, a scoop of ice cream in between, a slice of bread with cheese just before going to bed, etc. Unnecessary amounts of excess calories!


Only through the nutrition journal, such snacks came into consciousness. Hence my recommendation:



Start writing a nutrition journal!



Forever? No, just for a while, so you really get a feeling for what you ingest during the day. So at least one month. Many overweight people, oddly enough, only eat salad and light products, but the snacks and in-between meals are much worse in the long run. Unfortunately, there is no point in avoiding food the whole day and then secretly scooping the whole tub of ice cream in front of the fridge at night. Better eat 2-3 satisfying meals a day. Add some vegetables and your body and digestion will thank you for it.


A tip: Eat more protein (meat, fish, dairy products, legumes). They are the building material of all our cells and the body needs them. If we lose weight, the body should get enough protein from the food we're eating so that it doesn't have to take the proteins from the muscles. It should rather use the necessary energy from the fat on the belly. Furthermore, proteins fill us up much longer, because the digestive system needs twice as long to break them down than carbohydrates or sugars.


Here are a few nutritional tips that you might want to follow. If you implement some of them permanently, you will definitely see success and come closer and closer to your dream body. For a lifetime!




  • whole-grain bread/pasta instead of white flour products 

  • Brown rice instead of white rice 

  • Get your carbohydrates less from bakery products and more from (sweet-)potatoes, rice, legumes 

  • Eat some vegetables or salad with each meal 

  • Eat at least one piece of fruit a day 

  • If you need a snack, eat a handful of nuts a day. They contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids (important!) and fibre (Note: a lot of calories, so stick to the amount mentioned). 

  • Protein at every meal (e.g. porridge with low-fat curd, whole-grain pasta with chicken, salad with feta or tuna) 

  • Drink more (at least 2 litres/ 0,5 gallons) of water a day. If you need more flavor, mix with fresh lemon, ginger or mint. 

  • Avoid soft drinks and packaged juices as far as possible

  • Don't drink alcohol very often. A beer every night will permanently destroy all success. Alcohol slows down your metabolism and your liver, which is responsible for burning fat, is busy processing it first. 

  • Do not eat sweets or drink sugary drinks after 6 pm











Of course, people wish to make a new crash diet and after 7 days, they have the ultimate kickass-beach-body. The reality looks quite different. The only thing you will lose in this 7 days is water, muscles and a tiny little bit of fat. On your scale you will see 3 kilos (6 lbs) less, but our body doesn't work that way. You want to burn the fat not just weight in general!


And to achieve this you have to change something permanently. By writing a nutrition journal, you can see exactly where your mistakes are, you don't have to be an expert. The problem is that many people want to bargain with themselves: "Oh, that little bit of cake won't hurt anyone!" Of course, that little piece of cake doesn't do anything. But if you integrate it into your diet most of the time, you will permanently have an excess of calories and will gain weight or at least not lose any more weight.


So try to stick to the following guideline: Do everything right 80% of the time, then you can have 20% of what you want. Eat a nice piece of cake with cream on top the one day, but the next day you'll get back to your normal habits. Don't give up, but look for healthier or lower calorie alternatives.


The conclusion is: Just a little less of the fatteners and a little more healthy and natural! A little bit of exercise on top and you have the perfect formula for a top shape.







I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, please share it, so others like you can benefit from it. I wish you the best!




- LdR - 




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