How to see through nutrition and fitness lies

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„People are far more likely to believe a lie they have heard 100 times,

than a truth that is completely new to them."


 -  Alfred Polgar -



Everyone lies, especially your scale! Your scale lies to you? Well, not exactly. It just depends on whether YOU can see the truth or not. Do you only see what the big mass sees, or do you make your own thoughts? And that all are liars is not because they lie intentionally. It is more that people hear lies and spread them, because they are so established in our culture, that nobody questions them anymore. I want to make clear to you that you have to think outside the box and can't take everything for real. In this article we want to reveal a few secrets and illustrate how best to deal with false advice.




Why would everyone lie?!


Quite easy to explain: They just don't know it better. And lies and mistakes are everywhere. Some of them exist as proverbs or familiar sayings. Everyone has a certain opinion on a topic. This is okay, but isn't always true. You certainly know these situations:


  • You do a workout and someone says to you, "This is total nonsense. You'd better do FreeBodyWeightHighIntesityIntervalFullRangeTabataWorkOut-Training." He read about it, in the ManlyMen. And that is the absolute bomb-workout and all other training methods are pointless.

  • A colleague lost 12 pounds just because she left out the nasty carbohydrates. You have to try that too! (And as soon as she started again with these bad boys CARBS, she gained 8 pounds in 2 weeks.)

  • You can be totally healthy with 2 hours of sleep and have more time for everything else.

  • Peanuts are really bad, they have so much fat.

  • You have to try the newest Hollywood-diet. It's so easy, you just need to eat cucumber all day long.

  • When I train with dumbbells as a woman, I'll look like Arnold Schwarzenegger after a few weeks. Just keep your hands away from the weights.

  • We humans only use 10% of our brain.

  • Shaving gives you more beard growth.

  • Microwave food makes you radioactive.

  • etc.


These were just a few examples. Partly exaggerated, I know that. But they all have one thing in common. They are all myths and are based on errors. And there are many more things like that, I just didn't want to enumerate any more, because the point has been made. On the base of these examples it should already be clear which direction I want to go. We believe some of these lies ourselves. No wonder, they are represented in the vernacular almost everywhere. That is why it is indispensable to do your own research, to be curious and to understand what your talking about.





Is there the one truth?


The truth isn't always clear. But for this we live in a modern time, in which we can usually save ourselves the trip to a library. You can find a lot on the Internet. Sometimes too much. And here is the problem. No matter what you type in:


"Are peas healthy?", "How much protein a day is needed?", "Do vegetarians lack important proteins?", "Should I take toothpaste without fluoride?" etc.



You'll always find a page that tells you:


"Peas are super healthy and contain many nutrients; you need at least 150g of protein a day; vegetarians get along super without meat; toothpaste without fluoride is healthier".



 But then you will find directly two clicks further an Internet page, which will claim exactly the opposite:


"Death-peas, just don't eat 'em; immediate tooth loss with toothpaste without fluoride; AIDS, cancer, measles and Alzheimer's if you don't eat 8 kilos of meat a day!"



Of course, I once again exaggerated excessively. But in the Internet it is indeed like that. What's really true, is sometimes very difficult to evaluate. The rule of thumb applies here: 



Don't take everything for real!



And that is also one of the most important rules in this article. It is perfectly correct to inform yourself. Just like, when someone with a great superstition comes up to you. Maybe he is right, maybe not. Don't let yourself be unsettled. I also don't want to say that everybody's opinion is bullshit. No, you don't have to be overly skeptical. Only if someone comes up to you and says that he has found the method how to get richer than Bill Gates in 10 minutes, then you should definitely pull up an eyebrow.



Don't get insecure. Gather several opinions and then form your own.


The same applies to doctors: a second or even a third opinion can't hurt. Just because you trust one person, doesn't mean he/she is right.



Years ago I had an operation on my left wrist because I had a problem with the joint. One doctor wanted to prescribe a hospital stay of 2 weeks and plaster the whole arm. The second, who was also an excellent hand surgeon, solved the problem with a 30 minute ambulatory procedure.



Investigate things that are important to you personally. When you work out, you should find out how to do it right, because you are affected directly and it's about your health. Same thing with the fluoride-scandal. Fluorides are toxic (even if you find sources that tell you it is an important micronutrient...missed by far) and it would probably be better to filter them out of the drinking water with an appropriate water filter. But on the other side, your grandparents have used Colgate-Fluor toothpaste all their lives and have grown very old. So you don't have to make it bigger than it is. If you value it, buy an organic toothpaste without fluoride.


But you don't have to push it and force everyone by saying: "BUY A ORGANIC TOOTH PASTE, OR THE FLUOR WILL KILL YOU!". That's nonsense. Unfortunately, many people behave exactly like that. They want to force their opinion upon you. That brings us to the next point.





Don't be forced into others opinion


Get your own opinion. This is what you believe in! End of story. Just because your parents always said, "Don't read in dim light, it'll ruin your eyes," doesn't mean they were right. Of course, as a child you believe everything your parents say. But now you are grown up and you can decide for yourself what you believe. This thing about the eyes is not a fact, but many pass on such false beliefs to their own children. If you hear something over and over again from a young age, then I'm not surprised that you are convinced of it. Read again the quote at the beginning of the article



"People are far more likely to believe a lie they have heard 100 times,

than a truth that is completely new to them."




To solve the mystery here: The eyes only have to strain themselves more, which simply leads to fatigue. In some cases the eyes may turn a little red. They do not get damaged. Even if you read every day with a small torch under your blanket, you won't lose your sight.  


Don't let them force anything on you. So if you ever get into a discussion with someone and your counterpart insists on his opinion or thinks yours is stupid or ridiculous, then answer or think this to yourself:



"You have your opinion, and I have my own. Let's respect each others opinion. It's not greatness, trying to force your opinion on someone else just because you believe it's the only true one. This is just bad behavior."



This sentence should apply to everyone, including you. I firmly believe that conflicts between people would be drastically reduced if people respected the opinions of others and did not see them as a reason for dispute.


Of course, you don't just have to listen to other peoples opinion. There are scientific researches, investigations and facts that are undeniable. If you come across studies, take a close look at them. Not all sources are trustworthy. Although sometimes it doesn't even help if there is scientific evidence. Some people just stubbornly want to swim against the tide. There are people who are still convinced that the earth is flat (Try to google the Flat Earth Society). But well, I wasn't in space yet, so I can't proof them wrong. People can talk a lot, so make your own opinion whether the earth is flat, round, square or triangular.


Steve Jobs expressed it perfectly: 


Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.





Why is my scale lying?


This is a very important point and I want to teach you how to read your scale correctly and why a scale is almost unnecessary. An example is probably more appropriate here, so that you understand what I mean by "your scale lies":


Ben is 1.80 meters (5'11 feet) tall and stands on his scale in the morning. The display shows 92 kilos (202 lbs). But he wants to weigh a maximum of 90 kg (198 lbs). Today he doesn't eat anything except his breakfast. The next day he stands again on his scale and it shows now only 90 kg (198 lbs). What a success! But something isn't right, because nothing has changed with his belly.



It's a widespread superstition you can loose fat overnight. On average, you lose 0.5 - 1 kg  (1-2 lbs) of pure fat per week if you do everything right in your diet. Which suggests that Ben, in our example, has lost 2 kg (4 lbs) of weight, but not fat. A body just needs time. Time to build muscles, lose fat or learn new things. If you don't have this patience, you can try to shorten, but then you will experience yo-yo effects, cardiovascular problems, fatigue, intense hunger, eating attacks and more. To name just a few side effects, from the great summer- or hunger-diets. "Eat only fruit and the pounds will drop". I'm sorry, but that's just a big hoax.


The 2 kg (4 lbs) that Ben lost, are mainly water and intestinal contents. If you'd do something like this for a longer time, your body won't use your body fat first. No! If all nutrients are missing and a very high calorie deficit is given, then the body first consumes the muscles. Muscles need a lot of energy. Why should the body use all engines when it has little fuel left? Thus the biceps shrinks! The fat becomes only gradually less, because these are the absolute emergency reserves. So if someone says he lost 10 kilos in a short time, it's really amazing, but mostly after a short while the people are back on the same level as before.


So that your muscles do not become less, but instead your body fat, you should follow these rules:


  •  Drink at least 2 litres ( 0,5 gallons) of water a day.
  • Train all your muscles (with or without weights)
  • Eliminate unnecessary calories (soft drinks, chocolate bars, sugar etc.)
  • Stay in a slight calorie deficit (about 300 calories)


If you could just keep this in mind, you'd lose weight. That is the whole secret. So if you plan to go to the beach in summer and lose 3 kilos (6,5 lbs), you should start at least 3-4 weeks before. There's no point in losing muscles and water, but your tummy looks the same.





So how do I read the scales correctly?


You get on your scales and a weight is displayed. This number includes:


  • bones
  • organs
  • blood
  • skin
  • hair
  • intestinal contents
  • stomach contents
  • bladder contents
  • muscles
  • fat
  • nerves
  • tendons


If you went to the toilet or didn't drink anything all day, your weight would be less, but not your body fat. So try to reduce your body fat as described above, with a slight calorie deficit and physical training. If you really want to know how much fat you have lost, buy a fat caliper. 



Anatomie Gewicht Körper

As you can see in this picture, we consist of more than just fat. 



bauchfett wiegen Bauchumfang



A simple method is to measure the abdominal girth. If necessary, ladies can also measure the hip circumference. If the hip circumference decreases, this is a good indication that you have reduced fat.



When you start exercising, you may suddenly have more kilos on your scale, but your circumference may shrink. This is because muscles have less mass than fat, but more weight.






Women become bodybuilders as soon as they touch a dumbbell!


Far too many women believe they would be too masculine and muscular if they would train with weights. That's just superstition. If you don't plan to lift weights 6 times a week for the next 3 years and have a huge surplus of calories, then not much will happen, except that your muscles will tighten, your butt will be firmer and you will just get leaner. The best way to get in good shape is to work all your muscles. This applies as for women as for men. Training is an important way to prevent illness, posture- or cardiovascular-problems, apart from weight loss.


Buffdudes youtube gym wildlife funny lol myth
Source: Youtube - BuffDudes


Conclusion: If, after years of training, I don't look like Arnie as a man, then as a woman you certainly won't if you start exercising with weights.





Be open to learning and criticism


Just because others want to tell you something about a subject, doesn't mean they're wrong. But even if they are wrong, it doesn't matter. You always have to think this:



There might be some truth to that. But if I'm interested enough, I'll get to the bottom of it myself.



Just because you've always done it this way, doesn't mean it's true or the best way. So come out of your comfort zone and ask yourself, if everything you believed in is really true. Do not be stubborn. You won't help yourself with that in any way. Learn to deal with criticism and to take it positively, even if your counterpart may not mean it nicely. Just think neutrally whether there might be something true about it. Don't get mad, but be curious and learn instead, as soon as you are stuck with something. Be critical, even in the things you have done yourself again and again. You can always optimize something. You can only improve yourself with constructive self-criticism. What others say doesn't have to be right. Only you see the world from your eyes with your view. Others just from theirs and this can be a completely different one than yours.







People often want to change you, because you have another opinion on certain things. Don't let that happen. The same way around you shouldn't judge other peoples opinion. Just try to improve your habits. And don't believe everything you're told. Form your own opinion. Buy a book on the subject, talk to people who have years of experience. Whether it's weight loss, training or the most powerful Pokemon in your card collection. There's always more to learn. All processes can be improved. Listen around and take care of yourself. Find a healthy way for yourself. Nothing goes overnight. So start changing little things that YOU want to change and stick with it. Inform yourself! It's your life. You wouldn't start a board game without reading the instructions. The more attentively you read them, the better you know it. The same applies to all things in life. I wish you a lot of success!




I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, then share it, so others like you can also benefit from it. I wish YOU the best.



- LdR - 

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