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 The essences for a happy and successful life consist of four pillars: 


v A healthy and well cared body until old age

v A balanced diet adapted to your needs

v A high self-esteem and a fathomed self-confidence

v Desired success through targeted personal development


Personal success and happiness in all areas of life is characterized by the acquisition of new habits and skills. With a balanced combination of the four pillars you can become healthy, fit, confident and happy. Success in your entire life, relationship and career is possible at any time. Take the helm yourself!


The first step towards a better and happier life begins in the mind with a conscious decision. But this alone is usually not enough. We must always keep our goals in mind and continuously develop our abilities. If you want to achieve real positive changes, you will succeed.  Let me show you how you can create a positive life. You will learn to make the right decisions and ask the right questions. You will learn to love yourself and trust in your own abilities. 


Even if you are stuck at the moment, I know with certainty that you will draw energy for your path with the tools you learn here. From now on everything will be better!  

About me

I am Ludovico and I greet you. I know that life often doesn't go the way you want it to and situations don't always turn out as expected. Even if you sometimes feel helpless, you can always take your fate into your own hands... 


I was born and raised in Germany, but I'm half Italian, too. I am always taking care of my roots and languages. 


If there is one thing I particularly love, it's the sea. In my eyes, it appears like a portal to many distant places and possibilities. It radiates energy and peace at the same time.


I love good weather and great company, like most of us do. There is simply nothing more beautiful for me than pleasant and humorous conversations with people you love and appreciate.


But this whole thing is not about my conversations or my love for the sea. No! This is about YOU! And that's exactly the reason I started The Essences of Life.


It all started years ago, because I was a real late bloomer. No matter which area it concerned. I was lazy, unathletic, overweight, shy and undisciplined. Success was a word I had heard, but never felt until then. 


But at some point you have to decide which way you wanna go and you can't blame others for the bad things in your life. It's always up to you what you make of a situation. Do I stay here at this stage and feel sorry for myself or do I take the next step forward? Where can it take me? 


So I decided to start facing this problem. I got curious, bought books, read blogs, watched videos and attended workshops. I wanted to get things right and get some advice from role models who had all achieved, what I was always looking for.  


I started to work out and meditate. Over time I developed a routine. And exactly this is the most important element. Only with new habits you can change yourself and your behavior.  I applied some skills that changed my life and will change yours.


And now it's about supporting you. Because maybe you are stuck and your life is going in a different direction than you would wish for. Maybe you aren't moving forward anymore.




Enough with that! 




I have made it my goal to support you and to create a better version of yourself. I will help you to a better quality of life. Promised! 


Let your dreams come true. It is possible! Don't restrict yourself and think you can't achieve them. With a little help, you can go your way. I know it. I was at this barrier and broke through it. You will too! 


I wish you a lot of success in life and lots of enjoyment here on The Essences of Life.



Ludovico de Rogatis

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