How »Writing Morning Pages« will save your from visiting a shrink

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Not so long before I wrote the article How to become a Creator, I read about these morning pages for the first time. I thought it was a good idea, but not a brilliant one. Once again another technique that probably doesn't help much, I thought unsuspectingly.


Personally, I'm more of a meditation type. I enjoy it, I know what I'm dealing with and I've had some good experiences with it. In any case, I read something about these morning pages and just tried it out. I can't recommend something to other people if it wouldn't have passed my self-test.


End of story: These pages are such an enrichment and liberation at the same time. At the beginning I wrote a few sentences like: "I am tired and don't know what to write here for 3 pages". But after a few lines I simply continued writing. The pen just flew over the paper. I simply wrote down everything I had experienced, what disturbed me, what goals I have or whatever I had in mind. Simple and fantastic.

It's one of the best alternatives to psychotherapy, because many people go there to met someone who listens to them. Of course not all of them. And strangely enough, after writing the 3 pages, it feels like I've had a long, long conversation and threw everything out of my head.  Not that I write only negative words, quite the opposite. It is such a great experience. That's why I write my pages almost daily since then. And after 3 pages I would like to continue writing. Try it out and simply write 2-3 large pages. A great freeing of the mind. You really start to think about a lot, because your head is clearer. Highly recommended.


So sharpen your pencil and just start writing!



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