How to get things done: Promote positive thinking

getting things done promotion positive thinking

How to get things done & promote positive thinking



The easiest way to promote positive thinking is by eliminating negative thought patterns. The principle is quite easy. But with information like news, headlines, chitchat and gossip, our brain is constantly filled with negative influences. Because of this, an image evolves more and more in our heads that the world is evil and bad. Words like this are often mentioned in the news:


"Murder; Bankruptcy; Divorce; Accident; Economic crisis; Environmental catastrophe...."


However, this is not the case at all. Statistically, we live in the safest time ever. But of course bad things continue to happen and I'm not telling you not to watch or read the news anymore. Just regulating it, brings the crucial advantage. And it also works the other way around.


If you feed yourself with positive influences again and again instead of negative ones, you will automatically develop positive thought patterns. This works best when you read books or listen to audio books and follow podcasts and blogs about personal development, philosophy or education of any kind. This gives you a steady source of positive input. You marinate your brain bit by bit in positive marinade. It sucks itself full and you have a great result. If you now think of Hannibal Lecter, then the example was a bit excessive. I meant really it only metaphorically. Let me show you how to influence yourself.


  • You want to go to the gym --> listen to a sports podcast.
  • You want to lose weight --> read books about diet and nutrition.
  • You're just not motivated and tired --> watch motivation speeches.
  • You are dissatisfied with yourself --> read a blog about personal development (or this one for example).


Learning and gaining new knowledge create new neural structures. And if you enjoy it, it is positive for you.  Thus the simple rule results:


- Reduce negative influences. Talking about it all the time just makes you feel negative.

+ Increase positive influences and go new ways. This automatically creates positive thinking.




I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, then share it, so others like you can also benefit from it. I wish YOU the best.



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