Save our planet

It seems to get worse and worse. Animals keep suffering and we humans as well. I've traveled the last 3 months and been to many places in south-east-asia. It was amazing, but one thing still haunts me. It's all the garbage. The people litter so much as it was a hobby. Tourist, the locals everyone.  We have to start to be aware, that this is a real menace to our planet as well as the climate change.


Our seas are full with plastic waste and other garbage. Everyone should help, or spread the word. It's not just enough, by not using plastic straws. We have to do more! We have to try to consume less products, that are wrapped up in plastic and stop people to litter. We can start by cleaning the beaches during our holiday, or our parks in the city we live in.


If everyone would help just a little bit and be aware of this problem, we could save a lot of nature.

Our planet is beautiful and we should keep it that way. If we help our mother earth, we help ourselves, because it is the world WE live in.

Share this and let's start to do our part. -







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