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Once you've become a master at one thing,

you should become a student in a new one


- Gerhart Hauptmann -



With a simple trick, you can positively influence yourself and find solutions for your problems. Trick? That already sounds like bullshit. Actually, it' s rather a practical tip for you, on how to be successful. It's the secret of almost every successful person. A simple method that supports you. No matter what you are interested in. But what is it? What is this key to success? Here's the "trick":



Surround yourself completely with something and immerse in it,

so that it influences all your thinking and being.



So? Did I promise too much? I doubt it. It's just simple, but once again extremely effective. I can briefly explain to you how all this is meant and how it helped me a lot.


I often came across the topic "How to become an expert?" There are numerous blog and magazine articles, as well as a lot of books dealing with this topic. In short, it's about knowing a certain topic very well, so that you can offer a certain product or service in this field. At least this is what books like the"4-hour workweek" by Tim Ferris aim for.


There are a lot of tips & tricks on how to become an expert in a certain field without much effort and in short time. Whether this really works in every field is a question that everyone has to find out for themselves. Of course, not everything is equally complex. But it's not only about selling something. I personally noticed, that this method can also be used in a different and more versatile way. I discovered, that it was a key to success. When I wasn't as happy as now in my life and a bunch of worries tormented me, I started looking for a solution.


I read books and articles, attended courses and workshops, even followed Youtube channels with the corresponding topics. And slowly everything about this topic surrounded me, like the the planets our sun. I immersed myself in it. The problem is that although we humans have a very powerful and amazing brain, we still forget at a rapid pace. After 2 weeks I could hardly remember what I had learned for an exam. How am I supposed to remember something I read or heard only once? Solution: Read/hear things over and over again.


Different sources about the same topic, repeat the content and interpret it in a different way. A new perception will open up. New things are told and the flood of information should be our motivation. If you just burned your dinner while cooking, what will you surely think of in the next few minutes? Exactly, about your carbonized food. Your brain tells you that the food has been burned and reminds you about it in the form of anger. You probably also have the burnt smell in your nose. Thinking of something else will be very difficult for you right now.


If your head is filled with something, then you think about it all the time or at least a lot. Like being in love.  Pablo Picasso only became such an outstanding painter, because since childhood he only wanted to paint. He drew and painted as much as his time gave him. How about you? Do you also show such a motivation? I, for my part, am of course not always highly motivated. Especially when it comes to things that don't necessarily interest me passionately at the moment, but I still think they're worth learning. The principle is simple and I divide it into two steps:



1. Focus on a subject and 2. Immerse yourself in it.




1.) Make a To-Do-list with at least 10 items:

HOW you can improve or HOW can you learn or solve something new.

What is required?


Another list?! Yes exactly, another list! If you have in front of you, what you need, what you want to learn, what is necessary and so on, it is easier to start. You don't just jump off a cliff into the sea. No, you first make sure that there aren't any rocks in the water which you might bump into. At least I hope you do. I highly recommend it.


An example: You want to lose weight. What is necessary. What do you have to do? Here is an example list:


  1. Buy & read books about the topic
  2. Choose a workout program
  3. Adapt your diet
  4. Cut Fast Food from you diet
  5. Alcohol only on Saturdays
  6. Buy sportswear
  7. Buy Training Equipment
  8. Supplements
  9. Drink only water
  10. Use the stairs only
  11. etc. etc. etc. etc.

These items should not be a rules, but a checklist. Everyone has his/her own priorities. The point is that you just have to think about it. Things that are necessary, things that have to be done before you start, things that have to be researched first, registrations with websites/clubs/associations, etc. There is so much. Do your homework! The list is something you can do immediately without hesitation. That is the good thing about it. You want to learn the guitar? Sit down for 15 minutes and write a list (songs I want to learn, guitar shops nearby, which guitar is suitable for the beginning, guitar teacher in my surroundings etc.) So you have already taken the first step. And now to the important second step.





2.) Surround yourself with the topic you want to learn/improve/solve 

everywhere and as often as possible


Reading an article in a blog is not enough. Print it out or better yet, buy a book on the subject. Why only one? Buy books on the subject from different authors and put them on your bedside table. Before going to bed, read something in it. On the way to work, you can listen to an audio book. Chat with people in Internet forums, who know much more about it than you do. Exchange ideas. The possibilities are endless and you already know how to get the information you need. That is not the problem. The problem is, that you should start doing it.


An example: You finally want to invest money on the stock market. You have saved up some money and want to make more out of it, rather than just leave it on the bank account.


Step 1.) You prepare a list of things you need to get to know or need to learn in order to start trading.


Step 2.) Now you subscribe a stock market magazine, buy the Financial Times every day and order a few books about this topic. You make an appointment with the bank and open a trader account. Because you are also interested in cryptocurrencies and want to trade BitCoins, you set up an online wallet as well. You have informed yourself about all on the Internet, at your bank, your accountant and literature. After a few weeks, you have read your books, bought new ones and subscribed to another magazine. Your first investments are now made with a positive feeling.


Whether you make profits or losses is another story. At least you didn't just run off without looking where you were going. Since you have received input about the stock market from all over, all your thoughts are now focused on it. 






This was just a tutorial. But the real advantage of this method is that you motivate yourself through and through. It is not just about learning something new, it's just the perfect example, but you can apply it to any kind of problem. Something bothers you or you have a problem that needs to be solved? Then make a list what the possible solutions are and what you might need to solve it.


No matter if you are in debt, a lousy lover, too fat, too thin or suffer from hair loss. Take your time to deal with it and dive into this topic. Literature is the best and easiest way. Conversations with experts are also very useful. As often as your time allows it, you should surround yourself with it. Also be curious and hungry for knowledge. If you set yourself the goal of finding out as much as possible about something, then you will notice that you are increasingly starting to think about it. You will do and find out things that are hidden from you. Learn to love that and you are about to improve. The unknown can seem scary at first. But knowledge fights these fears. So bring your fear down to its knees by being intellectually superior. 




I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, then share it anyway, so others can benefit from it as well, like you. I wish YOU the best.


- LdR - 



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