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The whole life is 

an eternal new beginning."


- Hugo von Hofmannsthal -




We all know it. It's been busy at work, school, college. Family needs something, the kids are screaming. Everything feels like obligations and then we're supposed to chase our dreams. How are we supposed to do that? It's actually not that difficult.





Start moving forward



The sports company Nike has formulated it quite simply as its slogan, which is the difference between being stuck on the spot and moving forward:



Just do it!



Exactly. Just do it! "But what?" You might ask yourself. Well, start with the things that you like or that you want to do. Stop putting it off. At least not all of them.


Suddenly you find yourself in a dead end. Once again you are in a situation where you don't really know what to do. How is your job or your business doing? What do I do with my partner, my friends? I have financial problems, how should I solve them? A bunch of questions and situations to which you don't get the right answer. But you don't need to. Remember:



Start walking and you'll find the way.



Of course you have to adjust the direction from time to time, but you can tell this along the way and not in the starting blocks. If you just sit there and think about what you should do, how difficult the path is, etc. Then this upcoming burden will crush you. So that you can perhaps understand this better, here are a few situations that you can solve with this approach.



Scenario 1: The apartment is a mess and you really don't want to tidy up all now. It's just too much work, to do it all at once.


Solution: When you go into the kitchen, take the dishes off the table and bring them into the kitchen. If your jacket's on the chair, hang it in the closet when you walk past it anyway. This is not exhausting and you would have gone into the other room anyway. Do this continuously until everything is tidy. Piece by piece as you walk past.





Scenario 2: You'd like to start with some sport, but it's getting overwhelming very fast. It's just not fun for you when you're totally exhausted and have to go to your physical limits.


Solution: Then start small. Always do 10 pushups before you shower. No more. Or always take the stairs, even if you have to go to the 16th floor. Or hang a pull-up bar between the door in your room and every time you walk through, you do exactly one pull-up. Or just walk around the block really fast before you come home after work.





Scenario 3: You need money, but don't know exactly how to earn some. You think and brood and nothing really comes to mind. And in the end you do nothing.


Solution: Look for little side jobs. Even if they don't give you much, you can save the money and then maybe invest it. Or go out and ask in restaurants/ shops if they need some help. If you want to increase your wealth, buy books, take classes, meet people who know about it. And not all at once. Take one step at a time, without getting overloaded.




I think the principle is clear to you now. Because this can be applied to any situation in life. Even if you are bored, just do something. And it doesn't always have to be something super duper cool. No, it's enough that you sit there and read or paint something or even watch TV. But do it consciously because you want to. Everybody always says "Think Big" and this may also be true in many situations, but sometimes it's also good to see it the other way around and to say "Think very small". This does not refer to your dreams, but to solutions. Because if you would try to tidy the apartment completely, you would be busy for hours.  So ask yourself: "What can I do now without it becoming too exhausting for me?". And then actually do it! 






Improve mindset and self-confidence



The good thing about all of this is that even if you start small, you get active. And that's the difference. You don't have to do everything at once and then have a bad conscience. Depression or burnout is often caused by people overcharging themselves and being crushed by the weight. They'd like to do this, but still have to do that. No! Pick something or look at what's on the line. Even if it is sometimes not pleasant.


The point here is that you're picking up a new habit. And that habit is "Being Active". Be active, move, do something. JUST DO IT! If you have done something, it will strengthen your self-confidence because you get things done. You don't have to constantly blame yourself for not getting things done. It's also wrong to compare yourself with others. Use others as a source of inspiration, but never as a direct comparison. If you're a lazy person and the pizza boxes are piling up on your table, for example, take small steps. Whenever you leave the house, throw only one box away.



 Small but consistent progess.



You get better with time. So get into the habit of this stage of being active. Sometimes when I'm not sure what article I should write or what I have to do next for, I often just start writing something. The topic comes up by itself. Of course I have a precise plan, but I could only create and keep to it because I have become an active person. And I swear to Odin, it certainly wasn't an active person all my life.


I am speaking from experience here when I say that you can go from being a lazy bastard to an active person. Depression is reduced because you are busy. I'm still not someone who has ants in his pants all the time and can't just sit for a quiet minute. Not that. But when I don't know exactly what to do, then I just start doing something. If you start with something and notice that it's not really yours, then change it and start something new, as long as you really enjoy it. "Not everything can be fun all the time!" I hear someone calling out. That's true. But the moments should more often be of a positive nature than vice versa. You can stick to that.


The French author Voltaire described it briefly and well in his novel "Candide":




"When man was placed in the Garden of Eden,

it was done, ut operaretur eum, 'so that he could cultivate it'.

This alone proves it,

that he was not made to idle." 

"Let's just work without worrying.

It's the only way to make life bearable"


(Source: "Candide" - Voltaire , 1759)




Sometimes you just don't know what to do. But taking the first step, no matter how small, makes a huge difference to standing still. Follow this in any direction. If you feel that your path is no longer the right one for you, turn around and take another one. The experience you have already gained will always accompany you.


Start small and get bigger and bigger. Form habits, however small they may be. After a while you will appreciate the positive qualities of being "active". So: Just do it!






I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, why don't you share it so that others can benefit from it too? I wish YOU the best.




- LdR - 


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