How to survive a crisis like in 2020

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It's not an easy time. Those who are just bored at home can still be happy. Because how many are close to the end? Most shops, bars and restaurants have closed, the economy is suffering because consumption is decreasing.  Older people are becoming lonely and so on...


But you must never forget that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You have to look ahead. This has nothing to do with blind optimism. The prospects are actually not so bad. 



We are learning more and more about the virus and we are already handling the situation very differently. There are now drugs that help quite well like Remdesivir and a vaccination is now also in prospect. The times of ignorance are over. We now know how it all looks like. A panic is therefore unnecessary. We now know our new everyday life, the safety measures and the restrictions. But we can deal with them. Here are a few tips for not letting yourself go and not falling into depression.




1. A physical activity


By physical activities, a walk around the block can also be meant. And that goes for young or old. You shouldn't just do some exercise so you won't gain weight, you should see it as medicine for your body and mind. Movement clears our head, releases dopamine and reduces our adrenaline. If we don't use up the last one, it leads to laziness, bad mood and tiredness. 


This is especially noticeable on days when you have done nothing and are still tired. Don't go to sleep, but instead move. If it's possible outside, then go running, walking, cycling. Inside, a quick workout can help you. It doesn't have to be stressful and totally exhausting. Just enough to get your metabolism going.


You'll feel better right after. More active, fitter, happier!


Use this workout to do yourself something good in 20 minutes: 20-minute workout without equipment





2. Make a ToDO-List


This suggestion may be very simple, but it'll help you incredibly. Make a to-do list and, at best, a timetable. It doesn't matter if you have a lot of time like now or if you integrate it into a normal everyday life. The big advantage is that you don't have to keep things in your head and they can't stress you out. The second advantage is that you have a plan, a task, a purpose in your day. And if you can put a check on it in the evening, it will give you a positive feedback.


The American poet Henry David Thoreaus lived completely isolated in a small self-built cabin in the forest for 2 years in the 19th century. Despite all the freedom and no pressure, he developed a strict timetable which helped him to survive the isolation in the best possible way. There were exact times when he chopped the wood, hunted, rested or wrote on his work "A Week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers".


Of course we are not in a cabin in the woods, instead we are in our own home, but it will help you a lot to bring some structure into it. Even if you want to be lazy, set yourself little tasks. You don't have to stuff your list. Give yourself time to relax, too. You don't need to put any pressure on yourself. It's just to help you not to think of yourself as "useless" or "lazy". This little tool helps immensely with depression. Even the slightest feeling of success releases happiness hormones.



Your plan might look like this: 

  • 8:00 am get up
  • Breakfast
  • 30 minutes chores
  • 30 minutes reading
  • 12:00 am prepare lunch
  • wash the dishes
  • 20 minutes workout or walk
  • Arrange the afternoon as you like

Add things to the plan that you like. In only 10-20 minutes a day, you can keep your apartment/house clean all the time and don't have to do everything at once a week. If you do it in a structured way, you can do everything in a short period and have enough time for the things you enjoy. When you have done a few things, you can become a couch potato for the rest of the day with a clear conscience.


Small routines are best suited for this. Read the following article for more.


Build up a good morning routine: The perfect morning routine for more productivity





3. Enjoy the company of other people


During the Corona Crisis, this is exactly what is prohibited and we need social distancing. You cannot meet other people. But you can still enjoy their company. Even if you are a total loner and need a lot of time for yourself, you still need social contacts. They give you warmth, joy and fulfill our social self. After all we are just group animals.


When you can't meet, then talk on the phone a lot. Video chat, face time or window to window. And in many cases you have family in your house. Do something with them. Your kids, partner, roommates. Maybe now is the right time to take a step back and treat the others with leniency. Especially in a small space, confrontations can happen more often. But remember! You like or liked the other person once. You can do it again. Forgiveness instead of a drawn knife. Whoever gives in wins. You aren't the weaker one. You shouldn't let the will of others be forced upon you, but you don't have to constantly fight it either. 


So play together, cook together, go out together. Integrate others firmly in common tasks. Create the feeling of a common unity. Have fun and be happy that your fellow human beings are there and enjoy the joy of their existence. Be grateful, because things could be different any day.





4. Just do whatever you feel like doing


There must be some things you've wanted to do for a long time. When you're on vacation and you travel, you always try new things. Kite surfing, new food, drinks, a new language etc. Why not, if you have a lot of time left over. At the moment there are not many activities possible outside, but there's still so much you can do. You can get everything delivered at home these days and start with any new hobby today.


At this point I would like to recommend this article: How to ignore the expectations of others and find your own purpose





Just do what you've really always wanted to do. Ask yourself:


What would I love to do if no one would stop or judge me?


Writing a book? Draw a comic? Knit a scarf? Do a headstand? Invest money? You have to know that and question yourself. You will find a solution. So read the above article for help.






Concluding words:


It's just important that you understand that we aren't locked up, instead we stay at home to protect other people. At home on the couch rolled up in your plush blanket, you're making a contribution. Don't let the joy of life be taken away from you, because things will soon be looking brighter again. It has hit some people badly, so be glad that you are still well. 


Put your fears aside and see it as an opportunity to do what you want to do. Keep moving and eat well to keep your mind and body well nourished. If you cook for yourself, you save money and can try new things. It's a great way to get inspired by new recipes and create something delicious. Now is the perfect chance to become a small chef.


Life is a bit monotonous and uncertain for everyone at the moment. But it will pass. Everything passes sometime. You just have to make the best of every situation. Anything else won't get you anywhere. 


Why be negative if there is no advantage? Then you can also stay positive!






I wish you the best and a good health.




- LdR -

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