Poor dental hygiene causes diabetes and heart disease

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Just a little bad breath, you think, is the worst consequence of neglecting your oral hygiene. But that's not the case. Lack of oral hygiene and dental care lead to serious illnesses. And not only in your mouth and throat.


The German Dental Association (BZAEK) confirmed that it is scientifically proven that periodontitis interacts with diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.


Periodontitis is an inflammation of the gums and is usually caused by poor oral hygiene. Over time, plaque develops between the teeth, just like caries. Bacteria not only attack our teeth, but also our gums, which will lead to inflammation. Usually the gums are only reddened and do not hurt, but already here the bacteria tumble around and damage the tissue.


Since the gums are very well supplied with blood, the pathogens can also be transported to other parts of the body and organs via the bloodstream. And then they can spread, from which inflammations and diseases in the body can develop. 



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But there is an easy solution: 


Brushing your teeth twice a day is the standard that almost everyone follows. But this is usually not enough. Brushing your teeth clean with a normal toothbrush or an electric toothbrush cleans your teeth and protects against tooth decay, but it does not clean your gums sufficiently.


One needs at least dental floss or preferably interdental brushes. The fine brushes scrub exactly where no toothbrush can go. If it bleeds at the beginning, this is normal. Once a day would be optimal.  This can set the occurrence of periodontitis to almost zero.


Then wash the mouth with some salt water or a herbal mouthwash. It should be noted that many conventional mouthwashes smell great, but disinfect so strongly that they destroy not only the harmful bacteria but also the natural mouth flora. That is why I recommend herbal solutions. These can also be bought in any drugstore.


Last but not least: Professional dental cleaning at the dentist's. This usually has to be paid out of your own pocket, but it's worth it to eliminate gum problems from the very beginning. This is recommended every  year. If dentists recommend tooth cleaning much more often, although no acute periodontitis has been diagnosed, this is usually only moneymaking. A second opinion cannot do any harm here.


Well, then lets exclude such illnesses from our lives and scrub the teeth nicely.




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