Our planet is beautiful and we should keep it that way. If we help our mother earth, we help ourselves, because it is the world WE live in.

When it comes to breakfast, you don't have many ideas? Let me show you the perfect start into the morning.

Du hast soviel vor, doch weißt gar nicht wo du beginnen sollst? - Einfach anfangen!

"Life is short" - Darum solltest du alles aus deiner Zeit rausholen und jeden Augenblick deines Lebens genießen.

Life is something that should grow, like a plant. You have to take care of it, to keep it constantly growing and bearing fruits.

Motivation and Inspiration from Naval Ravikant

After finishing my book, the blog is now again up to date

Training macht nicht nur deinen Körper stärker, sondern auch deinen Geist. Lerne wie dir physisches Training zu Höchstleistung in allen Bereichen hilft.

Surround yourself with positive influences. It is the key to success in life.

Change what you want in your life in just 100 days. And that permanently.

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