Why you just won't lose any weight!

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It is our choices,

that show what we truly are,

far more than our abilities.


- Joanne K. Rowling -



Is this assumption correct?

You've already tried a lot of things. You have probably already read a lot and have done some special diets. But no matter which fitness tips and tricks you tried, it didn't have a lasting success. Everyone promises in magazines, media and advertisements that their secret tips will help you to lose weight. But nothing has ever really worked.


Well, you probably just need the right secret-weight-loss-tip. It is enough that Hollywood, fitness gurus, celebrities and only the top 100 know this secret method. I'll pass it on to you, along with five guaranteed working weight loss rules.





Miracle cure


At this point I wouldn't want to deny that there are a few things that can really help you lose weight. They are scientifically proven to increase your metabolism and are definitely recommended.


These include, for example: 

  • Cinnamon (lowers the blood sugar level)
  • Ginger (metabolism and immune booster)
  • Lemon (good for digestion, alkaline, stimulates metabolism)
  • Chili (contains capsaicin which has a warming effect and supports weight loss)


There are many other things I can highly recommend myself. Especially grapefruit, turmeric and green tea are indeed very digestive- and metabolism-stimulating. But maybe you already use all these products? And these are just the natural things. There are many more that the supplement industry has to offer.


Supplements are a huge market and business model. I don't want to condemn them at all, I use them myself. Especially my own products, where I know exactly what is in them. I have had awesome experiences. But back to the topic. You may have tried these and much more. 


Let me guess: None of these have helped you either?


Of course not! But it's not because these tips and products are crap, it's because there is only one truth. And that is:


There are NO miracle cures


You may disagree with me at this point, but listen to me: There is no pill, or at least not yet, that you swallow and makes you wake up the next morning like Ryan Gosling or Wonder Woman. What exists, are remedies, but not miracle cures. I'm really sorry to say this.


That's why I definitely recommend you to make a small shot of ginger, turmeric and lemon every day, but just with that, not much will happen. It's a supportive thing. It will help, but it's not the secret ingredient.






The Truth


The only truth why you just don't lose weight is quite simple. You find a lot of articles that tell you to do more cardio, eat less chocolate, no sugar, and and and and...


That may all be true, but you already knew that a coke has more calories than a glass of water.


What I'm about to tell you, you already knew deep down. People often search on Google for things like: "Why can' t I lose weight! / Why can't I build up muscles. etc." There's nothing wrong with that, but you have to remember one thing. The following thing is responsible for 90% of the reasons why you don't reach you goals.



You're making the wrong decisions.


Consciously or unconsciously, but you make them. Because every action, no matter how small, requires a decision. Nobody wants to hear this, but it's just the truth. I gladly be the bad guy and honestly say what the fitness industry denies to everyone. People are looking for miracle pills or even the best diet, but the truth looks a bit different.


Do not eat before a workout?; No carbohydrates in the evening?; fasting or not? Everything has its right to exist, but you don't need to worry about it too much. It's just annoying and makes your head full. Whether you eat before or after training is far less important than the fact WHAT you eat. Healthy eating habits, which you acquire bit by bit, are the real weight loss products!


It may be more challenging than a miracle diet, but it's worth it for a lifetime. This doesn't mean that losing weight can't be easy. It does not always have to be a struggle. It's just that lean people usually make the right decisions about their eating habits.



Lean people make up about 80 % and more,

Normal-weight people approx. 50-70 %,

Overweight people < 50% correct decisions.




Examples of decisions would be: 

  • Do you take coffee with or without sugar?
  • Noodles instead of salad on the side
  • Soft drink and juice, instead of unsweetened tea or water
  • Driving instead of walking
  • Elevator instead of stairs
  • you do sports, but you eat fast food every day
  • regular alcohol drinking


These are just a few examples. But we are not always aware of what we do with our bodies. Are you active or rather lazy and hardly move at all. Are you eating healthy or not? That's why you can eat as much cinnamon and green tea as you like or deal with ketogenic, anabolic diets and more. As long as you do not adjust your diet and physical activities most of the time, you won't see any change!


There is a simple method to make you aware of your eating habits. It is the first thing you learn as a nutritionist.



Write a food journal!



Forever? If it pleases you, but two weeks are enough. It's not about counting calories or anything like that. I just want you to see for yourself what you eat. Almost 99% of the time you'll find the mistake on your own. 



How to write a food journal properly: 

  • Take a writing pad or exercise book
  • Note all meals, snacks and drinks (except water)
  • Write down the times and the date when you ate something.
  • Stick to it for 14 days


It is a great method to analyze your eating behavior. It's easy to see that the cookies, burgers, fries, hot chocolate or that tiny plate of pasta just before bed with extra mozzarella, 3 slices of ham, some parmesan and half a bottle of ketchup etc. are not good for you or slow down your weight loss. Get used to eating well on a regular basis and pay attention to your diet.  Not everything from one day to the next. Then it will fail. Slowly reduce the unhealthy/fat/sweet things and increase the fibre/vitamin and nutrient-rich things. And that until you find a balance for yourself. If you're just agonizing, it doesn't make sense. 


But let's assume you do everything right. You exercise and eat well, and you still don't lose weight. Then the following tips will help you.






5 reasons you're not loosing any weight



1. Your body's metabolism

A person is often advised to boost his metabolism. But what if these methods do not help? That's why I want to mention your physical condition in the first place. Even if you do everything right, you may still be overweight. This may be due to your thyroid gland, for example. It has a decisive influence on our hormone balance and metabolism, ergo the fat burning. Have your TSH (thyroid gland) level checked by a doctor and your minerals and vitamins, too. You may need to adjust or supplement your diet, such as vitamin D3. At least exclude diseases that limit your metabolism!



2. You're not drinking enough

The body needs fluid to aid digestion, to excrete harmful substances, etc. Who drinks too little simply doesn't lose weight. BodyBuilders drink more than 4-5 litres (1-1.5 gallons) a day in their cutting phases. You clearly don't have to overdo it, but a good 2 liters (0.5 gallons) may be enough regardless of gender and height. If you have trouble drinking, try cold teas (homemade) or put some ginger/lemon/orange slices in your water. Set an alarm clock every 2 hours to remind you to drink something.



3. You eat to much sugar

Fruit is healthy, but the fructose it contains is also sugar. Fruit is better than sweets, but don't overdo it. Please do not leave out the fruit completely, because the vitamins are essential for the body. Bought juices consist almost only of sugar and bring few health benefits. The same applies to white flour (wheat products). You don't have to do low carb, just a little less of the "bad" carbohydrates. 


These include:

  • Soft drinks
  • Wheat products
  • Alcohol (has many calories, in addition to the toxins it contains)
  • Sugar in sweets and pastries


Replaced these with "good" carbohydrates such as brown rice, wholemeal, legumes, sweet potatoes. These have a lower glycemic value, which means that your blood sugar doesn't skyrocket. The lower your blood sugar, the better you can lose weight.



4. You don't eat enough

Yes indeed! Not eating enough will keep you from losing weight. Starving doesn't help! That's because the calorie deficit is simply too high. This causes the body to activate a protective mechanism and go into saving mode. It wants to lose as little fat as possible, as these are the hard emergency reserves. So if you eat too little, your body thinks it's a time of crisis, when there is no food and so it slows down the metabolism. So if you eat almost nothing (like in crash-diets) you obviously lose a few pounds on the scale, but it's almost exclusively water and muscle mass.


How can you best measure a deficit or even a surplus? You count your calories for a few days so that you know approximately how much you are eating. You calculate your calorie requirement with a TDEE calculator. I have already written a whole article about this, which explains everything in more detail: "Dream body: That's how it's done!"


The same applies, of course, if you eat too much. It doesn't matter if it's just healthy stuff. Too much is too much!



5. You don't eat enough protein

Proteins and the amino acids they are made of are important building blocks for our cells. They help the body maintain our muscles when we are about to lose weight. The body uses the body's reserves in dieting phases and it takes its necessary amino acids from the muscles. So if we eat little, we lose weight, but usually no fat. Muscles are reduced. This is also because muscles consume energy and the body wants to waste as little energy as possible when losing weight.


So scoop in proteins (fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, legumes, soya) and the body leaves the muscles alone as much as possible. Protein keeps you full longer, because the gastrointestinal tract needs almost twice as long to split and digest it than fats or carbohydrates. They also increase the insulin level less. So you stay full longer (fewer hunger pangs) and the body is supplied with enough amino acids.


When losing weight, it would be advisable to take about 0.8 grams (0.015 Ounces) of protein per kilogram (lbs) of body weight. So that would mean that if you weigh 80 kilos, for example:


80 x 0.8 = 64 grams of protein per day


If you do weight training or body weight, the consumption should be at least 1 gram per kilo body weight ( 0.018 ounces per lbs).



If you want to read more about losing weight and dieting, then the article: "Diet or not Diet" is exactly what you're looking for.






You understand exactly what's important. And it's also logical, but you often don't realize it. You go to the gym in the morning and in the evening you lie in front of the TV and eat a whole pizza. "Weird, I go to the gym,"  you comment your belly that always stays the same. Everyone knows why he doesn't lose weight. You just have to keep reminding yourself.


Especially a change of diet is something I can recommend. A little more fish, a little less meat, more fruit and vegetables, a little less sweets.  I myself try to eat about 80% clean and 20% of what I want. That is also the way it is with sports. In the meantime I don't have to look closely anymore, I have gotten used to a diet that suits me and my body and you can do that, too.


A food journal is an enormous help. Do it for two weeks, you'll see exactly what's wrong. Same goes for counting calories. You don't have to get used to this forever, but these two methods create an awareness of what you are eating. Most of the time it is only a small adjustment to get your weight right.


Don't count on miracle pills! If you just eat and drink more consciously, you will see progress, I know that. Use such natural remedies, as described above, but always be aware that they only "help". 


The key to your dream figure is in your own hands.





I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, why don't you share it so others can benefit from it, too? I wish YOU the best!




- LdR - 


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