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„If you give everything, 

you can not blame yourself.“


- Dirk Nowitzki -




Workouts. But how? Where should you start? What is the best? Freeletics, Calisthenics, CrossFit, Tabata, Powerlifting or Bodybuilding??? Too many possibilities and too many questions come up, if you have to choose the perfect training method. No matter if you are a woman or a man. But one thing is sure: You have decided you want to change your body and/or your health. Or maybe you have simply decided that you should finally get up your ass. No matter what's the reason, it was the right decision.


The problem is that the body can be trained with jogging, cycling, soccer or similar sports, but unfortunately only partially. It will increase your stamina, but not very much the shape of your body. I do not think that bodybuilding is the only true sport, but when you do only cardio, you will never have a kick-ass body. As I use to say: The right mixture makes the difference! If you're just running, you're probably lean, have an extraordinary physical condition, but you're probably not muscular or have an athletic shape. You have to train your whole body.





What is your dream body?


Men usually want stronger arms, nice pecs and a six-pack. Women, on the other hand, want a flat belly and a firm butt. Not everybody wants to be so well trained that you can see every muscle fibre. A healthy posture and an athletic look are usually more important and enough for most people. And that is perfectly all right. However, in order to tighten or enlarge specific areas (no, not that area), specific exercises must be done, that address the corresponding muscles. You will never get a big bicep just from playing basketball. 


Think about what your dream body should look like. What abilities should this body have? What are your goals? A flat belly, more endurance, athletic or muscular. It doesn't make so much sense to just go to the gym and train with weights if you want to do cross-country skiing. Your training should match your imagination of your dream body. Just keep in mind, that strength training of any kind, whether with or without weights, promotes your health and your muscles. This will help you to burn more fat and look better. 


I recommend at least once a week to add a proper strength training, no matter what you are training for. You will increase your strength, your speed and your metabolism. With a proper workout you can just shape all your muscles, to look firmer.




Where to start?


Now that's the right question. Where do I start, if I don't even know where I want to go or if I will like it. Exactly! The best way to start, is by training your whole body without weights. I personally think it's the best way to start, because the risk of injury is low and you won't be overwhelmed with complex exercises or heavy dumbbells. You can shape your whole body and increase your health. And of course you should have fun, too. Your goal should be achievable and not impossible from the beginning. We start easy and increase the speed, when you feel ready for it.


Furthermore no registration in a gym is necessary. I recommend to exercise 2-3 times a week for a perfect outcome. Important are at least 24 hours of rest between the workouts. It doesn't matter if you want to do strength training, lose weight or become a professional athlete. Your body has to start getting used to something.


If you decided, that you want to go to a gym very soon, I would advise you to do the following training at least twice a week for 6 weeks first. If you have never done any physical training before, this is the best way to get started. Leave at least 2 days of rest after each workout. Jogging or a similar endurance activity (swimming, cycling, team sports) can be integrated into your week at any time.


The exercises I'll show you are easy to learn and you can do them anywhere. So you always have a portable workout and are flexible. It trains all your muscles and you will get fitter soon. Don't worry that as a woman you will build up too many muscles. This is certainly not the case. You will just look firmer and sexier.






What do I need?


Actually nothing, as long as you decide to train at home, on a playground or park. The only "problem" are usually only the pull-ups, because you need a pole to hold on. If you decide to train at home, there are several possibilities. A pull-up bar is very easy to install in a door frame and affordable. There are many possibilities. Consult the Internet, it will show you a suitable solution. 


CAUTION: I'd recommend pull-ups to everyone, unless you are very obese (please don't misunderstand). Probably you don't manage to do them, but even if you do, the problem are your joints and tendons, which have to carry too much weight. Even the simplified version is not recommended until the body weight is within normal limits. If your body fat is over 30 % as a woman or over 25 % as a man, then please try cable-pull-downs at the gym or at home with a stretch band. As soon as your body fat percentage is lower, you can start to do pull-ups. Some people can feel offended now. But it is only a well-meant advice for your health's sake.




Why these exercises?


These exercises are basic exercises that involve more muscle groups. The muscles as well as the fascia will be trained. Just 4 exercises to train your whole body. Quite easy.


Pull-Ups:  Pull-ups are a very effective exercise, that trains your entire back (especially latissimus), arms (especially biceps), shoulders and neck. Very good even for women. Don't worry if you can't even do a single one. There is an easy way to do this until you can do pull-ups on your own.



  • Get under the Pull-up-bar.
  • The palms of your hands are pointing away from you.
  • Grab the bar about shoulder width!
  • Move your shoulder blades back and then down.
  • Pull your chest towards the bar as high as possible.
  • Let yourself go back down in a controlled way. Feel the tension.
  • Your upper body should remain as vertical as possible during this movement.
  • Your legs can be crossed, if you want to.

Easy version: Hold the bar and jump up to it. Try to hold a second and then let yourself go down as slow as possible. In the beginning you will just jump around, then after a few time you can hold yourself 1 sec, then 2 sec and so on, until you can manage to do a whole pull-up on your own. It takes maybe a while, but it works. In a set, where you should do 10 pull-ups, but you can perform only 3. Just do the "easy version" until you reach 10.



Push-Ups: Push-ups train the complete front area of the upper body, such as chest, anterior shoulders and also the arms (especially triceps).



  • Hands are shoulder-wide on the floor.
  • Arms should be as close to the torso as possible. No wide grip, as with bench pressing. 
  • The head is in alignment with the spine.
  • Go down and touch the floor below with your chest, not your head.
  • Push yourself up again, without a pause.

Light version: Do not extend your legs, instead lean on your knees and cross your feet.



Sit-Ups: The abdomen should also be trained, but not as excessively as it is often said. You get a six-pack from a small amount of body fat and not just by doing sit-ups. Just by doing ab-training, you can't get rid of the belly fat. Nevertheless we should train our abs.


Execution: There are several possibilities here. Lying on your back and do crossed SitUps are very good to train all abdominal muscles. Other SitUp variants can be alternately added. Look up such as: leg leaver, crunches, ab bycicle.


Easy version: There is no easy version here.



Squats: The butt, the lower back and the entire thighs are trained with this exercise. Without any weight they will also improve your stamina if you do many in a row. Correct execution is also very important here.



  • Stand up straight, tighten your abs. Put your feet about shoulder width apart. 
  • Now lower your bottom down and stretch your arms forward until your knees are at maximum the same height as your toes. Don't go over them.
  • Try to go as deep as possible.
  • Push your upper body back up with your heels.
  • During the entire exercise your upper body remains unchanged and straight. Only the legs do the work.


Easy version: You don't go down that much with your bottom. The distance and the effort are then reduced.



The workout:


Exercise Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
Pull-Ups  10 10 10


20 20 20


30 30 30


40 40 40


2 Min. 2 Min. 2 Min.

The goal is for you to complete these exercises as quickly as possible, but still make sure that they are performed correctly. How often do I see people in the gym doing an exercise very badly and adding a lot of weight. Most of the time those people don't want to be told anything, but they'll only harm themselves. A lot of weight is an illusion, if it loses efficiency and causes damage to the body.


First learn the technique before you increase your speed. Making a sandwich is only half the fun as eating one, but please listen to me at this point, otherwise you harm your body more than you do it any good. If you are able to absolve this training or are looking for alternatives in general, then DARABEE is a good site for many short and attractive bodyweight workouts.




How am I supposed to do this?


In case your heart just stopped or you wondered "What the hell is this guy thinking?", just calm down. I know this may look extremely hard for someone who has never really done sports before. To this I say the following:  It doesn't matter how old you are and it doesn't matter what your current weight is. You can do it. Maybe you just need a little bit more time. If you run out of breath, then just take a break and drink something until you can go on. It is important that you go through the whole workout until the end. Maybe the first time you may take 2 hours. But the more you do it, the better you will get. Promise.


Most people cry when I tell them to do 10 pull-ups. But take a look at Easy versions. They also work if you can't even do a single pull-up. This is called negative training and has helped me to get from 3 to 20 pull-ups within 3 months. It's all a question of practice, like everything else in life. Just try it out and keep going.


When things get tough, don't think you're too weak. You are not! You just aren't used to this kind of training yet. However, after a few weeks you will clearly see the difference to the beginning. Write down how much reps you can do of each exercise. Track your success. No one just got his dream body without any effort. It is work, but you should also enjoy it and you should have success. Get used to train 2-3 times a week regularly. Even only for 20 minutes. The longer you stay consistent (at least 100 days), the more it becomes a habit. Your body needs training all your life to stay fit. So stopping is not an option.






Try this training at least 6 weeks before you progress or give up (which I hope you won't). 2 times a week the workout routine above and 1 time a week 30 minutes endurance training of your choice, is the best combination. You will notice very quickly how you get better, faster and stronger. Don't get discouraged. Prove yourself that you can do 10 pull-ups in a row and 20 push-ups. For the first 2-3 weeks you can do the easy variations of the exercises, but beyond that, I recommend that you only do them in case you really aren't able to do the exercise otherwise. The workout can be quite tough, so grit your teeth together and prove to yourself what you can achieve if you really want to. I wish you a lot of success!



I hope the article was helpful for you. If so, then share it, so others like you can also benefit from it. I wish YOU the best.


- LdR - 




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